About MTS

Thank you for being interested in MeetToSpeak.

My name is MagdalenaMaggieKraszewska and I have created this online English centre to give you only the most professional language help there is. We are based in Gozo, Malta but we teach students from all over the world. We are ready to do it whenever the time is right for you: early morning until late evening. 

These days anyone can aspire to be a teacher. There are so many people who don’t have the methodological background and experience in conducting valuable English lessons, or they are doing it because their only asset is being a native speaker. They may end up wasting your time. 

I am a passionate English teacher who conducts English lessons online (via Skype and Zoom) and in person. I have been doing it for 14 years, and I still love watching my students succeed and reach their goals. I see them travelling stress-free, getting promoted at work, finding a better job, going to study abroad. With my team of like-minded people we want to give you the treatment you deserve. We would like to offer our help in making your dreams come true.

Our students have no problems passing these exams:

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